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Select all images to be included in your slide show and follow this Menu Bar path: “View” → “Slide Show.”

The slide show opens in full-screen mode and displays the first image. Use your right arrow button on your keyboard to advance the show. Alternatively you can operate and make changes to your slide show by right-clicking on the mouse for a context menu once you are in slide show mode. In the context menu itself are options to navigate forward and backward and make other basic changes to the Slide Show.

If you would like to operate the slide show from a control bar, click on the Show Control Buttons and the bar below will appear. You can move it around freely.

Click the VCR-style “Start” button to start the slideshow, or click the “Next Picture” button (right or left) to display the selected images manually, one at a time.

The rotate as well as the delete buttons are convenient when you are viewing your images for the first time.

For more advanced settings go to the “Slide Show Settings” window. This is accessed via a button on the control bar or in the context menu. You can even change settings while the slide show is in progress. You can specify the time interval between images or change the descriptor text. To add what text you would like to see, click the button to the right of the “Show Descriptors” field. This opens the “Text” tool to choose a descriptor and define its on-screen location and presentation.

“Fading Effects” allows you to chose the fade style between your images, and also the fading duration. You can also choose a Background color and Background music through each of those respective settings.

The “Content” setting lets you display the selected images only, or allows you to include other images in that folder and its subfolders. The Order setting allows you to specify the order in which images appear.

From the Image Archive, the slide show itself can be started by right-clicking on a thumbnail and selecting Slide Show from the context menu (or “Shift + Z” keyboard shortcut).

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