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Prefilled Forms

Prefilled Forms allow you to save frequently needed content for image descriptors. You can apply a single descriptor with prefilled content by dragging it to any descriptor in the Descriptors panel, or you can apply the content of all descriptors in a prefilled form. You can access it via the “Prefilled Forms” button in the Descriptors panel.

In order to create a prefilled form, click the button “Create Form” in the Prefilled Forms toolbar, then enter a form name.

In the panel “Edit Form”, choose descriptors for the form from the list on the left side of the panel. Double-click an item in the left list, or click on the arrow pointing to the right, to add a descriptor to the form. Double-click an item in the list on the right to remove a descriptor from the form.

After clicking “OK”, you will be prompted to define the copy rules for the form. There you choose how to deal with image descriptors that already have content - preserve the prior content of image descriptors that are not empty, or replace prior content with the prefilled values from the form.

The selected descriptor fields are visible in the lower (or right) area of the dialog “Prefilled Forms”. There you can enter the prefilled content for the descriptors contained in this form.

Click the button in front of the form name to apply the prefilled content of the form to all selected images. This will adhere to the “Copy Rules” for the form, either copying the prefilled content to empty image descriptors only, or replacing existing content.

Right-click the form name to change the list of descriptors for the form, or to change the copy rules. You can also add new descriptors to the form simply by dragging them from Descriptors panel.

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