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Pre-Defining Descriptors in Folders

StudioLine makes it possible to assign descriptor defaults to folders in the Image Archive folder and subfolders. In this way, any images loaded into folders with predefinitions will receive those descriptors automatically. One example of the use of this feature is to ensure that every time you load an image, the copyright information is automatically added. This will save you a lot of time by not having to individually assign the copyright afterwards.

Open StudioLine Image Archive and select the “Albums” view. Right-click on the desired folder in the Navigation Pane for the context menu. Choose “Set Descriptor Defaults” to open the Descriptor Defaults Window for that folder.

Enter in any desired default descriptors for the folder. This window works exactly the way it does with images.

Remember that the descriptors you define here should be fitting for all the images that will be input into the folder.

The descriptors added into this window will only apply to the folder and/or subfolders you selected. Every time you load new images into that folder, that set of descriptors will be applied.

Alternatively you can access it via the “Descriptors Defaults for Current Folder” button in the Descriptors panel, or under the “Edit” menu.

Important Note: Should an image you are loading to a folder with predefinitions already contain a descriptor in a particular field (for example, if the IPTC-descriptor “copyright” is filled in), the original descriptor will not be overwritten. Furthermore, images already residing in the Image Archive which you simply move from one folder into another with default descriptors will maintain their original descriptors and not be updated to match the predefinitions of the new folder. This must be done manually if you would like them all to match.

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