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Export Filter

These image tools will only take effect if you export an image. Here you can overlay a watermark to your images e.g. with your logo or copyright information.


To overlay your images with a watermark, select “Watermark” from the options in the “Export Objects As…” window. This opens the Watermark window.

In the right “Layer” area, click on any layer you want to edit. From the toolbar on top of the list you can add images or text to overlay, or you can remove the current selected layer. The current layer is highlighted in the list and the element is displayed with a frame on the image preview.

In the bottom properties area you can modify each single layer.

  • Position
    Nine points of reference are available to anchor an layer to the image. If the reference point moves, any layer anchored to those reference points will move along with it.
  • Properties
    Here you can set common properties like size, transpareny and rotation. For image layers the size is given in percent to its original size, because the position and size of all layers will be scaled according to the export output.
  • Presets
    For images you can select an stored settings. By clicking on the settings button you can set up colors, shadows and borders for the layer. For text layers you can enter any text including placeholders like %%descriptor%%.

Predefine Settings

To build and save your own watermark settings you don't need to open the “Export Object As…” window. You simply can open the “Watermark” image tool from the Image Tools menu.

The selection in the image archive is used as sample images for the preview area.

Once you saved the watermark settings while being in the image archive, you can load and use them anytime you export images.

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