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Marking Images Across Folders

Another great feature of StudioLine is your ability to mark images for a range of tasks at a future time. You can temporarily mark images from many folders for a common tasks like Email, Export, Print, Web gallery and Write CD/DVD. You can also mark an image for Lightbox but it gets treated slightly differently. You can also create, set or delete markers via the Marker menu activated via the button in the Bottom Bar.

First select the image or set of images you want to apply with a standardized marker. Then go to the Marker menu and mark the image with the appropriate task. Then, after selecting your image, simply drag one of the standard markers to the image.

If you create your own marker category, it will become available under the Marker button in the main toolbar as well, and will allow you to apply all the options to a marked image as with other categories of standard markers.

Images that have been tagged with a Marker display the icon below them in the Image Archive Pane. If you roll over the marker icon, it will tell you for which tasks it has been marked. Left-click this icon to highlight it, and then right-click to have the option to remove it. You will be prompted by a window.

Note: be sure to highlight the text describing the marker ie “Marked for Print” before you right-click or a different context menu will become available.

Marking Images to Perform a Task

Once you marked an image or several images for a particular standard task, you can go to the Marked menu via the button below to either view all your marked images in any particular category, or to perform the tasks for which they are marked.

Once you have selected the task to be performed, email for instance, StudioLine will prompt you to ensure that this is the task and correct number of images, to which you would like the task performed. StudioLine alerts you to any discrepancies between images marked and current selection.

Alternatively, you can use the Marked For section of the Keyword Bar to view and select images based on their standardized marking.

Once the images have been marked, you can also right-click for the context menu to perform the tasks. After using the marked images for the selected task, you will be prompted to remove the markers or to retain them. The steps described above are applicable to images marked for printing, web gallery use, or CD/DVD export. However, LightBox has a unique set of steps. Please see below.

Marking Images for the Lightbox

The purpose of the Lightbox is to mark images located in different folders and compare them side-by-side for ease of visibility. For that reason, Lightbox thumbnail displays are by default larger as compared to regular folders. To view all images in the Lightbox, click the check-box in front of the Lightbox marker in the Keyword Bar. You can also use the Marker menu to select and view the images destined for Lightbox viewing.

If you would like to adjust the default size of the Lightbox thumbnail, in the Image Archive go to Preferences/Image Archive. When the Image Archive window opens, click on Keyword Bar and change to the desired “Maximum Preview Dimensions for Lightbox”.

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