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Design Elements

Graphical elements, such as colored shapes or lines, help perfect your layout. You can import these elements into StudioLine like any other images. Since StudioLine has a large collection of such elements already available for you, for many applications finding and importing them won't even be necessary.

Right-click on the page background. From the context menu choose “Insert”, then “New Design Element”.

The newly created design element can be moved like any image. The sizing handles can be used to resize, stretch, and shrink the design element to suit your needs. For pixel-perfect sizing, right-click on the design element and choose “Size” from the context menu.

Further display options are controlled by choosing “Design Element Properties” from the design element's context menu. This window provides a range of interesting possibilities to add decorative touches to your page.

Background and Color

Select the “Transparent” option to create empty frames. To create a frame with a solid color background, or one where the color fills the frame gradually from transparent to solid, either with one or two colors, from top to bottom, side to side, or radially, click the appropriate button. You can also choose to use a background image instead of a color fill.

Lines and Corners

Use the “Lines and Corners” controls to determine for each of the four sides, whether your design element will have a border, its color and thickness. Use the “corner” controls to create square or rounded corners. For rounded corners, you can define the radius. (You can define rounded corners even if your design element doesn't have any borders.)

Top and Bottom Color Bands

You can fill the top and/or bottom portion of the design elements with a color of your choice. Additional effects for the design object can be accomplished with the help of the image toolbox.


Grab the anchor points on a selected design element and adjust as necessary. To maintain the ratio of the object, adjust it by the corner anchor points. To alter the ratio of the object, adjust it from the sides or top/bottom anchor points.

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