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Exporting Web Sites

Sites, layout templates, pages and images may be shared between users or copied between StudioLine sites. This allows work to be delegated between multiple users and the ability to reuse designs for more than one project. StudioLine can also exchange text and images with third-party word processing software and graphics tools.

This process is similar to the one documented in the section “Export as StudioLine File.” From the Menu Bar item choose “File” → “Export” → “StudioLine File”.

In the Panel “Choose Objects to Export” click on “Pages”. To export all web pages click “OK” without selecting a specific page. To export individual pages select one or multiple web pages in the right pane. Remember that you can select multiple non-consecutive pages by holding down the “Ctrl” key while clicking.


Choose Export or Import from the File menu to transfer an entire site, including publishing profiles, layout templates, pages and any associated images or media files. When either importing or exporting the StudioLine Explorer - My computer window will open up to facilitate the transfer of files or sites.

Layout Templates

Choose Export or Import from the File menu to transfer layout templates and associated images, media files and dynamic menus between computers. StudioLine Explorer - My computer will open up so that you can locate the file.

Double click on the layout and the program will prompt you to rename the new template in the desired folder. You can see where it is being saved both by the highlighted name of the site, and also in the menu bar. Should you want to change the location of the file to be saved, simply navigate to a different site, and rename the new layout there.


Choose Export or Import from the File menu to transfer a page, its layout and any associated images, media files or dynamic menus.

Effects and Collages

The power of StudioLine's image tools can also benefit other applications. Open the StudioLine page editor, compose a collage of images, and apply any desired effects. With collage still selected, right-click on the mouse to see the context menu, and choose 'Export As'. A new window will open up that will allow to choose whether to export the collage as individual files, or as a single entity. From this window you can determine what other variables, for instance any associated Image Views, you would like when exporting your collage.

Format - Choose the desired file format for your export. A drop down menu gives you many choices.

Quality - Choose an image quality number that suits your needs regarding final file size and image quality.

Rollover Pictures - If you have rollovers on your collage, you have the option to export both the rollover pictures and normal mode of the image. Choose this option to export both versions of each image.

With Transparency - choose this option of your collage includes transparency information (Alpha-Canal) that you would also like to be exported.

Path - Choose a path where you would like your collage to go. Press the Browse button to select the existing folder or path. The selected path is then shown in the path field.

Image Name - choose a name for your newly exported collage or separated images to assist you finding them at their new location. In the event that multiple images are exported, StudioLine inserts a series of names. If you begin the name with “*”, StudioLine knows to create a file name that is derived from each image.


Text blocks may be dragged directly from most word processing tools to the StudioLine page editor. In cases where this may not work, create a new text object on the page, then copy and paste the text.

Text can be exported as a graphic or as a text file. To do this, select the text, and then right-click to get the context menu. Select “export (save as)”. The following window will open up where you can specify the format.

Text Effects

The StudioLine page editor and its image tools offer great opportunities to design interesting headlines or banner text. Once image tools are applied against a text element, it can be treated as if it were an image and exported for use by other applications.

  • Design the banner text.
  • Open the StudioLine Explorer for My Computer and choose a destination folder.
  • Drag the text element to the destination folder.
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