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There are two ways to access the settings. You can be in the Page Editor mode, and right-click on the site you want to work on and in the context menu select Settings. Alternatively, you can open Site under the File menu, and a context menu will be visible. Click on Site Settings and the following window will open up.

Name - The site name is used only within StudioLine and doesn't have any relationship to the published website.

Folder - Indicates where the website is stored within StudioLine.

Home Page - By browsing through your site, you can choose which page you would like to be treated as the homepage of your site. This will be the first page a browser goes to when users visit. If you uncheck the Home Page box, the home page currently on the server will be deleted. However it remains saved in your StudioLine files. Nevertheless, all existing navigation links that relate to the home page will become inactive.

Default Layout Template - Choose the layout template that should be used for every new page that will be created within this site.

Publishing Profile - Choose the publishing profile that should be utilized for the transfer of this site to a server.

Use International Character Set - If this is activated, you can place letters and symbols from other languages that do not use the Latin alphabet, for example, the Greek or Russian alphabets. The pages can then be generated in Unicode character set (UTF-8 encoding).

Attention: This parameter can result in rendering the characters into unreadable symbols or international characters by the server. If you would like to use international characters, you will also need to have alternative keyboard layouts defined and the keyboard needs to be switched into that mode. Be aware that you will need to choose a font that supports the desired character set. The Font Format window only displays supported formats.

The following keyboards are currently recognized:

Designation LCID(Local ID) Character Set
EL Greek 1032 161
RU Russian 1049 204
BG Bulgarian 1026 204
UK Ukrainian 1058 204
MK Macedonian 1071 204
SR Serbian 3098 204
CS Czech 1029 238
HU Hungarian 1038 238
PL Polish 1045 238
RO Rumanian 1048 238
ET Estonian 1061 186
LV Latvian 1062 186
LT Lithuanian 1063 186
TR Turkish 1055 162
Other —— 0
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