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Custom HTML Code

You may insert your own HTML code, server scripts, and support files into StudioLine's rendered HTML code.

Include HTML File

Some of your HTML code may not be represented visually, such as function definitions, global variables, and some of the server scripting. Sometimes, the code may be extensive, is shared between many pages or you simply prefer to maintain that code outside of StudioLine. In that case, use Include HTML Files to augment the code that StudioLine renders.

  • Create a basic HTML document outside of StudioLine, with HTML, HEAD, and BODY tags.
  • Insert your custom code at the proper locations in your document.
  • Choose Include HTML File via the Page menu in the Menu Bar.
  • If necessary, choose URL from the Page menu if the rendered page needs to be uploaded under a specific name or file type.

During publishing, the content of your Include HTML File will be merged into the appropriate locations of the rendered page. If you make changes to your included HTML file, you need to manually select the StudioLine page for publishing.

HTML Object

Where feasible, it may be easier to maintain your custom code directly from within StudioLine. This also allows you to upload external files into StudioLine. Choose Insert HTML Object from the File menu.

In the HTML Object Properties, choose the location on the page for your HTML code. Typically, code placed in the HEAD or BODY section is not represented visually. Code placed in a DIV section will be processed at the position of the HTML object on the page.

If you require an additional support or media file, use the Browse button to include it. StudioLine will publish the file to the /Media folder on your site. Type or paste your HTML code into the HTML Code Editor. For HTML objects with visual content, drag the object to the proper location on the page and use the sizing handles to reserve space.

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