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In Keywords view you can rate images on a scale from 1 to 5 stars.

Click on the “Ratings” group to view the five available ratings. Then click on a desired rating and drag it onto a picture, or drag the picture to the rating. To assign the same rating to multiple images, select the images in the workspace, then drag the rating to any one of the selected images or the images to the rating. The current rating for an image can be viewed in the System Descriptor “Rating”, or by looking at the ratings icon directly under each image (next to the object status icon). You may also sort images by their rating.

Rather than switching to Keywords view, you can also manage ratings directly in album view. Select the desired images, then click the “Ratings” button on bottom of the Image Archive.

Rated images will display one of the following object status icons below them.

Click the rating icon to change or remove the rating for the image.

Alternatively, to remove a rating from an image, click the image and drag the rating from the rating group in classification view to the recycle bin. You may also right-click on the rating and choose “Remove Rating” from the context menu.

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