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Image Search

Image Archive Filter

The Image Archive Search function finds images from multiple folders and places them into a single temporary Results folder. In contrast, the Image Archive Filter finds the searched images and displays them in the folders in which they can be found, via a Results folder tree in the navigation pane.

Filter Criteria

To search using the filter function, select “Image Archive Filter” from the menu in the Quick Search Bar.

The “Image Archive Filter” window will open. Choose the type of Descriptor you want to filter from the dropdown menu. You can select any of the specific User, System, Exif, or other descriptors by clicking on the root descriptor and then navigating to the specific descriptor.

Then choose the comparison operator. The dropdown menu allows you to scroll through approximately ten choices. Finally, enter your unique value (word or set of words) for the search and click “OK”. StudioLine will look through all descriptors for the search criteria and display the results as a folder tree in the navigation pane.

You can use the button Show without folder tree at the top of the Image Archive Pane to show the searched images contained in the folder tree without having to manually open the folders. (See: “Viewing Folders with Subfolder Content” earlier in this manual.) If you click on the “Results” folder“, you will see ALL of the images from your search in the Image Archive Pane to the right.

The folder tree shows an eye on it to indicate that you are in the Show without Folder Tree mode. You can also click on the individual folders to just see the images from those folders. In this search, different versions of the same image have been selected.

If you want a more targeted search, go back to your Filter Settings button. This will open your Image Archive Filter window again, where you can combine multiple criteria for an advanced search.

Choose a Descriptor

Choose a comparison operator from the second drop-down list. For example the “contains” comparison will look for a partial match. It will find images where the entered value can be found anywhere in the chosen descriptor, even as part of a word. In contrast, the “equals” comparison will look for images where descriptor content matches the entered value character for character with identical lengths. Comparisons are not case sensitive – upper and lower case letters are treated the same.

The third field has a dual function. You can either enter a search value or use the drop-down list to choose from values that appear in the Image Archive for the chosen descriptor.

All three drop-down menus define the filter criteria. After selecting or entering press the “OK” button for StudioLine to start filtering. The tree view in the Image Archive Pane will show only those folders containing only the matching pictures.

Combining Criteria

By combining multiple filter criteria, you can narrow or widen the search. Open the Image Archive Filter and set up a first filter argument as discussed above using the descriptor, comparison, and value field.

To widen the search, click the button “Include More Pictures.” To narrow the search, click the button “Restrict the Search.” Pressing either button will display a new row to define an additional search criteria A hit counter displays the number of matches so far. You will be able to define a total of 20 filter arguments.

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