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Print Editor

Ready-made print projects cannot possibly cover the entire range of creative ideas. Therefore, StudioLine allows you to design your own print projects as well. With “User Styles,” you can place any images and text on a blank page, and edit at will.

Select any image you would like to use for your print project and open the “Print Projects” window and choose “User Styles” and “New Page.”

After clicking “Continue” you move on to the “Create New Page” window where you type in a name for your project. Click “OK” to proceed.

Using the “Page Setup” window you define the page format for your project. You can later review and change those settings by choosing “Page Setup” via the item “File” from the Menu Bar. When finished, click “OK” to access a blank page in the StudioLine Page Editor.

The white canvas represents the paper format you've chosen.

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