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Backup Originals

To safeguard your precious images and image editing work, you should back up your Image Archive to CD or DVD on a regular basis. Conveniently, the backup function is built into StudioLine.

We recommend you store your backups at a secure location away from your computer and, if possible, a different location altogether. This way you will be able to recover your images even in the case of a catastrophic loss involving your premises.

Note: Web galleries are not included in the Image Archive backups. To safeguard your web galleries, use the StudioLine Explorer “Pages” and export to “StudioLine File” format.

Backup to Disc

This function allows you to make copies of your original images to disc without losing the image editing (effects, descriptors, etc.) which you achieved through StudioLine.

Backing Up

StudioLine collects the image originals stored inside the Image Archive (or depending on the settings, they may be located on several discs) and copies them on to your computer’s hard drive. Descriptors, key words, as well as tool effects are stored next to the originals in XML-data sets. The information connected with each image in the Image Archive can thus be fully restored.


How you restore images depends on your copy settings. Externally stored images are first copied directly or in their folders along with their XML files to the place where you intend to save them permanently; from there you drag them into the Image Archive. Internally stored images can be directly dragged from the backup into the Image Archive.

Note: To be effective, the backup should always reside on a different physical drive than the originals you work with, so that in case of a drive failure your backup does not get lost with the originals!

Backup to CD or DVD

The backup function can be performed for folders or the entire Image Archive StudioLine will copy the original images together with any descriptors, tool and filter settings onto CD or DVD.

  • To backup a folder, right-click on the folder in the Albums view of the Image Archive Pane. Choose “Backup” → “Backup Folder to CD/DVD” from the context menu. If applicable, StudioLine will prompt you whether to backup any subfolders.
  • To backup the entire Image Archive right-click on “Image Archive,” the topmost listing in the Albums view of the Image Archive Pane. Choose “Backup” → “Backup Folder to CD/DVD” from the context menu. When prompted whether to backup any subfolders, click “Yes.”

The window “Backup Folder to CD/DVD ” opens.

You can overwrite the default title that StudioLine proposes for the disc. If applicable, you can choose which of your CD or DVD recorders to use, erase any re-writable media, and set the recording speed.

The lower part of the panel displays information about the current disc located in the burn drive, the amount of data to be written, and the number of discs that will be required. Click “OK” to commence the backup.

Once complete, StudioLine will suggest how you should label your disc(s). Since StudioLine will refer to discs by its label, you should follow the suggestion and then store your backups in a safe location.

A backup disc can also be used to upload images to other computers that are running StudioLine. The loaded images will include all descriptors, filters, tools, and settings. However, given the critical importance of your backup disc, we recommended that you never let it out of your possession.

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