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Backup Originals to Disk

This function allows you to make copies of your original images to disc without losing the image editing (effects, descriptors, etc.) which you achieved through StudioLine.

Backing Up

StudioLine collects the image originals stored inside the Image Archive (or depending on the settings, they may be located on several discs) and copies them on to your computer’s hard drive. Descriptors, key words, as well as tool effects are stored next to the originals in XML-data sets. The information connected with each image in the Image Archive can thus be fully restored.


How you restore images depends on your copy settings. Externally stored images are first copied directly or in their folders along with their XML files to the place where you intend to save them permanently; from there you drag them into the Image Archive. Internally stored images can be directly dragged from the backup into the Image Archive.

Note: To be effective, the backup should always reside on a different physical drive than the originals you work with, so that in case of a drive failure your backup does not get lost with the originals!

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