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Changing and Updating Web Galleries

After editing any images that were used in a web gallery, or after changing the descriptors, you may want to update the web gallery to reflect your changes. Some web gallery styles also permit you to revise some of the text passages. In any case, StudioLine will have to re-render the web gallery pages and transfer a new version to the web server.

Click on “Web” on the Main Tool Bar to open the most recently used web gallery. You may also click “StudioLine Explorer – Pages” in the “File” menu. This will open an Explorer panel showing all available web galleries. Rightclick on a web gallery icon and select “Open Page”.

To rename a web gallery, navigate to it in the Navigation pane, ensure that you have clicked on 'Sites' at the bottom of the Navigation pane to be in the correct mode. Then right-click on the name and choose Rename. The name field becomes active and you can type in the new name.

StudioLine will ask you if you want to replace the URL of the web gallery with the new name. Depending on your preferences, click 'yes' or 'no'.

Navigate to the web gallery in the Navigation panel, ensuring you are in the Sites mode. Right-click and choose “Delete” from the context menu. You can also drag the gallery to the recycle bin.

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