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Editing Descriptor Content

To add or edit text, simply click on the specific Descriptor Line below the image and a window “Descriptors” will open. Alternatively, you can right click on the thumbnail picture and choose “Descriptors” from the context menu to open the Descriptors window.

The Descriptors Panel maintains the text information and other tags associated with an image. At the top of the window are two arrows which are navigation buttons (see below) to browse to the next or previous image’s descriptor content. On the Image Archive Desktop, the current image associated with the Descriptors Panel will be highlighted by a dotted border. As you scroll using the navigation buttons in the Descriptors Panel, you can see the image highlight border advancing to the next image on the Image Archive Desktop.

If only one image was selected, then the navigation buttons will automatically select the previous or next image in the current folder. If more than one image was selected, then the navigation buttons will browse to the previous or next image of the selection. The image descriptors are organized into two categories System Groups and Forms, which can be collapsed or expanded by using the () buttons in front of each category. Clicking on these group and sub-group titles lists their content in the lower panel for you to work with.

Setting Date and Time

There are a number of scenarios in which the time stamp recorded by the camera or provided by IPTC/NAA descriptors may not be correct.

You can correct the information for “Creation Date”, “Date (Modified)”, and the “Date (Original)” by choosing Edit Date and Time from the Edit menu.

To update more than one image, select them beforehand. Then select the “Edit Date and Time” from the Edit menu. A prompt will ask you whether you want to edit all the images selected to the same setting.

The option “Edit Date/Time” is ideal for updating a single image. However, if more than one picture is selected, all would be set to the exact same time.

The option “Adjust Date/Time” is ideal for updating a series of images and notating the individual time each image was taken using incremental adjustments. Using this feature is helpful if you want to correct time-zone or daylight savings time without sacrificing individual photo time differences.

Automatic Sequencing

To add a sequence number to a description, right-click the appropriate descriptor either under image or in the descriptor panel and choose “Insert Sequence Number” from the context menu.

The panel “Sequence Number” offers several formatting options and a text preview at the bottom of the panel. If you would like to use your sequence number for sorting purposes, make sure to choose a number format with leading zeroes.

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