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Web Galleries

Web galleries are photo albums that you can share with anyone over the Internet or on CD/DVD. StudioLine generates your web pages complete with navigation links, which can be viewed with all popular web browsers, then publishes them to the server indicated in your web publishing profile.

Each web gallery you create is structured around an index page showing thumbnail images of all pictures in that gallery. Clicking a thumbnail image will open a larger view of that same image, together with any narrative text you may like. Again, the automatic application of descriptors comes in very handy here. Navigation buttons make browsing to other images in the gallery or returning to the index page easy.

In Image Archive select any number of images, then click the “Create Web Gallery” in the File Menu.

Choose one of the styles listed in the left pane and click on it to preview the gallery’s sample index page in the right pane. Further information about the selected style is given in the pane at the bottom of the window.

The hint panel indicates the maximum number of images that can fit on the index page for the selected style. If necessary, StudioLine will create additional index pages and add the necessary navigation links between them. The hint panel also identifies which descriptors will be used to display informational text with each image (see chapter “Working with Images: Adding Descriptions”). Select your design choice by clicking the “Continue” button.

This window opens up as the second of four steps during the creation of your Web Gallery. In this window you can specify various details of your Web Gallery. Note that each Predefined Web Gallery Style may have different settings. Thus, the style you have chosen may or may not have the exact options indicated below. However, most of them share a majority of basic features which are described below. This window is from the Predefined Style 'Modern/Black with Popup and Text'. It is best to play around with the styles to get a feel for what they can do.

  • Page Title/Text
    This will be the header for your web gallery. It will be displayed at the top of your page of thumbnails. If you would like a subtitle, be sure to click the indicated box. Enter any other text and subtext as allowed by this particular gallery style. The text can be revised in a text editor once gallery has been completed.
  • URL of the Index Page
    This any desired URL which your Web Gallery will provide a link to; e.g. your own web site.
  • Email address (optional)
    Enter an email address if you would like visitors to have a means of contacting you. It is not a required field for the web gallery.
  • Generate Link to Map View if Gallery has Geotags
    If you have location based information attached to images, you can create automatic map links by clicking on this option.
  • Enable Rollover Effects for Thumbnails
    Click on this box if you want to allow rollover effects for your thumbnails. In this particular Predefined style, a rollover includes a full size image popup.
  • Images per Page
    Indicates the maximum number of images allowed per page for that Predefined Gallery style. If you exceed the maximum number of images, StudioLine will create more than one index page.
  • Detail Views/Size of Image View Pages
    You have a choice between the size of the enlarged view page, either 640×480 or 1024×768.
  • Detail Views/Copyright text
    Here you can input the copyright for the images that will get displayed.

A line at the top of the window shows where your gallery is being saved. You can click on the navigation pane to the left to change the subfolder where it is being placed, or you can create a new subfolder by clicking on the folder icon at the upper right. Type in the name of your new gallery.

After clicking the final “Continue” button, there will be a slight delay while StudioLine generates the web gallery. Your new web gallery is now saved as a page in a site. StudioLine will then switch to Page Editor mode to display the result and, if your “Hints” are turned on, you will be given choices on how to proceed.

You can now work on your gallery pages. Change font, background, margin, etc. by clicking on text or right-clicking on the background and selecting from the context menu. Refer to the QuickStep Bar for additional instructions.

Return to the Image Archive via “Photo” in the Main Tool Bar.

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