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Duplicates and Shortcuts

There may be occasions when you would like to have more than one copy of the same image to work with. StudioLine addresses this situation with two functions.

Creating Image Duplicates

To duplicate a picture, click with the right mouse button on the image and choose “Create a Duplicate” from the context menu. The resulting duplicate is an entirely new image; you may edit this duplicate and add unique descriptor texts free from associations to the source image.

This feature is helpful if you want to keep separate copies of different detail views or cut-out areas for one and the same picture, or to compare the effect of different combinations of filters and settings against the same image.

Creating Image Shortcuts

To create an image shortcut, click with the right mouse button on an image and choose “Create Shortcut” from the context menu. Image shortcuts are recognized by the arrow icon in the bottom left corner of the thumbnail (see below).

An image shortcut is not a separate image, but simply a placeholder object that refers back to the original. Any editing or changes against an image shortcut will actually be applied against the original. Editing and changes that are applied against the original will be reflected by all its shortcuts, if any. Deleting the original image will also remove all its shortcuts from the Image Archive.

This feature is helpful if you want the same image with identical descriptions, tool and filter settings to appear in more than one folder, for example folder: “Summer Vacation” and folder: “Animals”.

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