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Image Archive

1Menu BarAccess menus divided by commonly used groupings
2Mode SelectorSwitch here between the modes:
Photo: Image Archive
Web: Page Editor, Layout, and Layout Templates
Collage: Print Page Editor
3Button ToolbarQuick access to commonly used functions, depending of the current mode: Image Archive, Page Editor, Layout, or Layout Templates
4Tools Menu BarQuick access to commonly used functions, depending of the current mode: Image Archive, Page Editor, Layout, or Layout Templates
5Bottom ToolbarOne-click access to tasks frequently performed
6Navigation PaneMode-dependant: in Image Archive it displays folders of images, in all other modes it displays the list of websites, web galleries and the folders that contain them
7Image Archive or Page PaneMode-dependant: In Image Archive displays all images in a folder in thumbnail view with descriptors. In other modes it displays the page currently being worked on.
8Edit PaneVia tabs at the top of this multi-use bar, you can navigate to one of three areas:
Edit: a 'container' for all image tools that have been opened. This area prevents the tools from blocking your view of the image thumbnails;
Describe: this area allows you to view and input detailed image descriptors including Exif, location-based, IPTC/NAA and other data
Keywords: an area that allows you to categorize images according to keywords and classifications.
9Resizing BorderClick and drag it to change the border between the Navigation or Edit panel and Image/Page panel.
10Enlarge Pane ButtonAllows you to expand the Image Archive/Page Pane for more workspace
11Path HistoryA dropdown menu displays the most recently navigated positions
12Quick SearchAllows you to quickly search for images in the Image Archive or text on a page
13Recycle BinDelete images, image tool settings, descriptors, and web galleries
14Size SelectorSet the display size of thumbnails. For more options with regard to how you view your Image Archive/Page Pane, go to Display Options under the View menu bar, or right-click in the Image Archive Pane for the context menu.

Customizing the User Interface

The appearance and function of the Image Archive Pane can be customized to suit your personal preferences. Open the Menu Bar item “Preferences” and choose “Image Archive.” A window titled “Image Archive” will open. It allows you to control specific aspects for each of the content views, the color profile, and advanced settings.

Under Albums, you can control the size of and distance between thumbnail images for individual folders. You can also reach this window by right-clicking on the background of the Image Archive Desktop and choosing “Display Options” from the context menu.

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