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Group Administration

To manage users' membership in groups, go to the User Groups window which you get to through the Maintain User Profiles window. To reiterate, the Maintain User Profile window is under the Administration/User Profiles tab under the Preferences menu.

Assigning Groups to a User

In this field, users can be assigned to one or multiple User Groups and will have access to all the folders accorded to that group. The user that is first defined is accorded administrative functions and automatically belongs to “All Groups”. However, this can be changed if desired. Click on the 'choose' button to the right of the User Groups box, in the Maintain User Profiles window. The user can be assigned to one or all of the Users Groups already established.

  • Select the desired group in the left-hand pane.
  • The arrows in middle of the window become active.
  • Click on the top arrow to assign the user to the respective group.

That group then moves into the column “User Groups” and shows all the other groups the user is assigned to.

Remove User from a Group

Select the group in the right-hand pane, and then press the bottom arrow. The group will be removed from the user's User Group profile.

Creating and Deleting New Groups

New Groups can be set up by clicking on the 'new' button in the top left- hand menu bar. Then type in the name of the new group. All of the groups a user is assigned to are displayed in the User Groups box of the “Maintain User Profiles” window. The new group is also available to be assigned to any user.

Similarly, from the Group Maintenance window, groups can be deleted by clicking the delete button. Be aware that this completely eliminates the group from all users and folders.

Folders that do not have any specific users assigned to it, are able to be accessed by all users. Folders that have users assigned to them are only available to that specific user group. Multiple allocations are possible.

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