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Image Titles

The display of information below each thumbnail picture can be personalized by you. To add or remove descriptors, or to change their order, right-click on the background of the Image Archive Desktop. Choose “Image Titles” from the context menu.

The left half of the window displays the six categories of descriptors and their content. The right half shows the descriptors that presently appear under the thumbnail picture.

To include an additional descriptor for display, select the descriptor name on the left and click the right arrow button to move that descriptor into the list on the right side. To exclude a descriptor from being displayed, click the descriptor name on the right side and click the left arrow to remove it. To change the order of appearance, click a descriptor in the right panel and use the buttons “Move Description Up/Down by One” moving the descriptor into the desired position.

To remove the display of descriptors entirely from the Image Archive Desktop (or to enable it) simply right click on the background of the workspace and uncheck/check the menu item “Show Image Titles”. Alternatively you could use the keyboard combination Ctrl-H.

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