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====== Bildvorverarbeitung ====== Unter „Bildvorverarbeitung“ finden Sie im Fenster „Filter“ die passenden Werkzeuge, um Bilder zu drehen, auszurichten, unerwünschte Ränder abzuschneiden und sowohl die berüchtigten Roten Augen beim Menschen, als auch die verschiedenen Farben von Tieraugen bei Blitzaufnahmen zu korrigieren. Da die Anwendung dieser Filter nur auf einzelnen Bildern und nicht auf gan-zen Bildgruppen sinnvoll ist, erscheinen diese nicht in der im Absatz „Aktive Filter“ beschriebenen Liste. ===== Crop and Rotate ===== If you simply need to change a photo from horizontal to vertical alignment (portrait vs. landscape) or vice versa, click the “Rotate Clockwise” or “Rotate Counter-Clockwise” button on the bottom toolbar. The Crop and Rotate selection in the Image Toolbox opens a window with more fine-tuning capabilities. Align the dotted line of the crop tool to a line in the image and rotate to the exact degree quickly and effortlessly. The “Crop and Rotate” tool performs a number of tasks: * **Rotate**\\ If your camera has no orientation sensor, then you will likely need to rotates portrait images by 90°. * **Mirror**\\ This can be helpful if a slide or transparency was scanned backwards. * **Crop**\\ Use the cropping knife handles in the panel to trim off any scanning margins or to define a better composition. * **Align**\\ If the camera was tilted or an image was not perfectly aligned in the scanner, you can place the alignment handles along a known vertical or horizontal line in the image. * **Choose Aspect Ratio**\\ Enter the desired aspect ratio and then select the “Fix” checkbox. Now the horizontal and vertical cropping knife handles will always move together so that the resulting cut-out area will maintain the chosen aspect ratio. ===== Red-Eye Correction ===== An annoying result of flash photography is red pupil discoloration in people and other pupil colors in animals. To correct this effect use the “Red Eye Removal” preprocessing tool. In the left “Select Area” pane, click on a discolored eye. The “Select Red Eye” pane on the right zooms into the selected area so that you can make an accurate selection. In the right pane, click exactly inside the discolored pupil. StudioLine will correct the discoloration. If the result is not satisfactory, you can manually adjust the result: The slider “Color Tolerance” expands or reduces the area that will be corrected, in case too much or too little of the pupil was effected. The slider “Adjustment Effect” controls the intensity of the color correction. Repeat these steps for as many eyes as necessary. Each corrected eye is tagged with a number. This way you can later pick individual eyes and make further corrections. To remove the correction for a particular eye, choose it with the “Eye No.” control and then click the “Delete” button next to it. To remove all red-eye corrections, drag the “Copy” button of this panel to the recycle bin.

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