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StudioLine Explorer

StudioLine’s own Explorer is a key component of the software that enables many of the easy-to-use features and advanced capabilities of the software. It functions similar to the familiar Windows Explorer, providing access to different classes of objects: the files on your computer and local network as well as StudioLine-internal objects.

Many StudioLine features and tools require the use of the StudioLine Explorer in order to be able to complete the tasks. For many basic tasks, the StudioLine Explorer will automatically open to allow you to easily complete the specific job at hand.

The StudioLine Explorer is a fundamental tool that has several iterations. The principal StudioLine Explorer can be utilized to access the individual StudioLine Explorer functions. To access the principal StudioLine Explorer from the File menu choose “StudioLine Explorer”. It will display the individualized Explorers.

Once you open any of the StudioLine Explorers, whether the principal one or any of the individual ones, an independent window is launched which can stay open while you perform other tasks. It operates as a floating window from which you can complete specialized tasks, including drag and drop operations between folders in different windows, no matter what page, site, or other area of the software you are currently in.

Understanding the StudioLine Explorer window

All of the StudioLine Explorer windows employ three panes. A menu bar across the top with command buttons. The left-hand pane allows you to navigate, access and manipulate folders, pages, or type of Explorer windows. The right-hand content pane allows you to view, access and manipulate objects or files in the current folder.

The main View button on the menu bar is a “T”. You can use it to toggle between different displays. You can access a more detailed display with the alternative view button. Or an even more detailed display possible using the following view button.

Regardless of which display view you are in, you can always increase the size of the images in the right-hand pane but utilizing the slide in the menu bar, or the arrows to the right of it. Where applicable, dragging an object from the right-hand content pane to the Trash Can will delete it. For a list of other supported actions, right-click on the mouse over a folder or page to open its context menu.

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