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StudioLine DigitalXpress

The add-on module StudioLine DigitalXpress is an additional solution for light, fast and reliable exchange of large media files. Using DigitalXpress, StudioLine users can exchange any number of images, videos or music files through the DigitalXpress- or any other FTP-server. Recipients that do not have StudioLine are merely required to install the free StudioLine Photo Basic. Registered users of StudioLine DigitalXpress have 100 MB of cost-free space on the DigitalXpress servers available to them for the exchange files.

In order to utilize the storage space, StudioLine's product activation key needs to be unlocked. However, you need to be a registered user. Registration can be easily completed online by going to the “Online-Registration” tab under the “Help” menu.

Sending files

Creating a profile

In order to send files, you first need to create a Send Profile. The sender creates a profile by clicking on the New button of the “DigitalXpress-Exchanges Images and More” window.

To access more detail in setting up your profile, click on “Advanced Settings” and another window will open up that allows you to specify data transfer settings. If you click on “Next”, or on the “Image Setting” button in the left-hand pane of this window, you can specify more details with regard to your profile's image settings.

By either clicking on “Next” or clicking on the “Receiver Settings” button in the left-hand pane, you can specify details of the receiver, including which Protocol (FTP or HTTP) should be used.

Once completed with all settings, click on “Finish”. You will then be prompted to confirm the name of the profile.

Enter the new name of the profile, or simply click “ok”. Alternatively, you can access the Advanced Settings for a Profile by clicking on the settings button in the DigitalXpress menu.

Update, Rename, or Delete a Profile

If you would like to update, Rename or Delete a profile:

  • Open the DigitalXpress window.
  • Right click on the profile.
  • Select the desired activity in the context menu.

Uploading Images

Once you have completed the creation of your profile, you are now ready to put images into it. There are several ways to do this, but you need to be in the Image Archive for all possible variants.

  • You can open the set of images in the Image Archive and select them.
  • Right-click on any selected image.
  • Select 'Send with DigitalXpress' from the context menu.
  • The 'Select an Upload Profile' window will open. Choose your Upload Profile and click “ok”.

The “DigitalXpress - Exchange Images and More” window will open up and images you have selected for upload will be visible in the right-hand pane.

In the left-hand pane, you can see detailed information on your profile, and the images you have already sent (Sent Items) and the images ready to be sent (Outbox). To transfer your images to the server, click on the upload/download button in the DigitalXpress menu.

Your computer is then connected to the server and the files are uploaded.

If you need to pause the upload, you can easily do so without corrupting the transfer or having to start from the beginning the next time you choose to retry.

Once the upload is complete, the total number of images in your Profile Sent Box is immediately on display. These images are now available on the StudioLine server and you can send them to anybody with an invitation.

An alternative method for uploading images is:

  • Open the “DigitalXpress -Exchange Images and More” window.
  • Drag your images from the Image Archive directly into the right-hand pane of the DigitalXpress window.
  • Press the upload/download button.

Deleting Files from the Outbox and Sent Items (Uploaded Profile)

You can delete individual images or entire selections of images from either the Outbox, (before the images are uploaded to the server) or from the 'Sent Items' (after the files have been uploaded). To delete an individual image before it has been uploaded:

  • Open your DigitalXpress window.
  • Click on the “Outbox” of the desired profile.
  • Select the image or images in the right-hand pane to be eliminated.
  • Select “Remove from selection”.

If you would like to delete ALL of the images in a profile before they have been uploaded:

  • Open your DigitalXpress window.
  • Right-click on the “Outbox” of the desired profile.
  • Select “Delete Selection”.

If you would like to delete an individual or multiple images that have already been uploaded:

  • Open the DigitalXpress window.
  • Click on the “Sent Items” of the desired profile.

The server is accessed and the images are displayed in the right-hand pane of the DigitalXpress window.

  • Select one or multiple images that you would like to remove.
  • Right-click and select “Remove Selected Files from FTP server”.


You can press the “Remove Files from FTP server” button in the DigitalXpress menu.


Right-click on the “Sent Items” in the left-hand pane of the DigitalXpress window to delete ALL the images in an uploaded profile in one step.

Receive Files

Receipt of Files from a DigitalXpress Invitation

The sender emails an invitation to the recipient (for more information on the procedure, see below). After the recipient has opened the email, the user has the option to browse thumbnails and view the images online or download the files. The invitation email provides links for everything including detailed instructions on how to download the media into the Image Archive, or simply onto the desktop. Moreover, should the recipient not have StudioLine installed, a link for a free download of StudioLine Photo Basic is also provided.

Manual Download of Files from an Invitation

Should the links not work for any reason, the user has the option of downloading the images manually into the Image Archive. Assuming the user already has installed StudioLine, the user can do the following:

  • Right-click or double-click directly on the attachment in the invitation.
  • Click “Open”.
  • StudioLine is automatically launched.

The files are automatically added to your Image Archive. A window confirms the action and indicates where the files can be found. All DigitalXpress download files are in the same root folder, with variants for specific date, name of files and the sender for each file. Click “Ok”.

Your files will be displayed in the Image Archive similar to the above.

Alternative Download Methods from Invitation

The user can also drag the attachment from the invite directly into the righthand pane of the “DigitalXpress-Exchange and More” window. The window is opened by clicking on DigitalXpress in the Share menu.

It will then automatically place the files into the DigitalXpress Downloads root folder in the Image Archive in a subfolder matching the date/title/sender.


The user can also drag the invitation attachment to the desktop, and from there drag the attachment anywhere into the Image Archive. The folder or individual file will be automatically placed into the DigitalXpress Downloads root folder with appropriate subfolders.

Automatic File Monitor - Schedule Download

In the event that more files are expected, or that an invitation was sent before all of the files were uploaded, you can activate the Automatic File Monitor to get the additional files.

Open the “DigitalXpress-Exchange and More” window by clicking on DigitalXpress from the Share menu. Press the schedule button in the DigitalXpress Exchange menu. The “Download Schedule” window opens, allowing you a number of choices regarding settings for an automatic download schedule, and whether to notify the user or simply download immediately. To inactivate the automatic monitor, uncheck the box “File Monitoring activated” in the Download Schedule window.

The button on the DigitalXpress - Exchange menu will change to a red icon.

Sending an Invitation

Now that you have created your profile and uploaded your images to the StudioLine server, you are ready to create your invitation so others can see your files.

  • Open the “DigitalXpress - Exchange Images and More” window.
  • Select a profile.
  • Press the “Send Download Invitation” button.

The Download Invitation window will open. In this box, you can specify settings for this particular invitation. Click “Continue”.

A DigitalXpress invitation will automatically open in your browser.

  • Type in the email address to whom you are sending.
  • Click “Send”.

Links to your files as thumbnails, and as full images on the StudioLine server are included in the email. The files are also sent as attachments. Links to instructions on downloading, and free downloads of StudioLine Photo Basic are also included.

Note, if you do not have your email set-up in Windows and/or you rely on webmail, windows will prompt you to set up your internal Windows email account at this time.

Alternate Method of Sending Invitation - Slimmed Down Invite

Should your recipient not be able to open attachments, or you not want to send such a robust invitation with multiple links, you can simply send links to the individual image, or a set of images.

  • Double-click on the 'Sent Items' of a desired profile in the DigitalXpress window.

Your computer will connect to the server and the uploaded images will appear in the right-hand pane.

  • Select one or all of the images to be sent.
  • Right-click and select “Send an email with download links”.

This creates an invitation email that includes only a link to the single or multiple images.

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