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Sorting According to Descriptors

To quickly sort the content of a folder by descriptors, click the “Sort” button on the toolbar or go to “Sort” in the “View” menu.

The menu allows you to sort by the most common criteria. For each criterion you can choose ascending or descending alphanumerical order. To sort by other or more complex criteria, choose “Sort by Descriptors” from the menu available under Sort button. The following window opens up:

The left side lists available descriptors and the right side shows the descriptors currently in use for sorting the images in their particular folder. Use the arrow buttons to move descriptors back and forth.

The order of descriptors in the right half of the panel controls multi-level sorting with the top descriptor having highest priority. For example you could list “Date (Original)” at the top and below it “Image Name”. The resultant search would order the thumbnails by the date they were created. If multiple images have the same creation time, they would appear in alphabetical order by Image Name. Additionally you can choose between ascending or descending order. Sorting by date in descending order will display the most recent images first.

You can quickly sort an entire folder or sub-folder by right-clicking on the desired destination in the Navigation pane and selecting “Sort By/Descriptors” in the context menu.

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