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 +====== User Administration ======
 +The initial user has administrator rights. To set up the users and define their privileges, open the Administration/​User Profiles window under the Preferences menu. The window "​Maintain User Profile"​ opens. This lists all the of the currently registered users  in the left-hand pane, if there are any, and is where you will also define new ones.
 +You can assign or remove rights and privileges for a specific user in the Maintain User Profiles window. ​
 +  * Highlight the user in the left-hand pane.
 +  * Click on any boxes that correspond to the tools that you want the user to have access to.
 +  * Click on '​Save'​.
 +Just in case there is any confusion about which profile you have changed, you will be prompted to confirm your changes to the user's profile when you '​save'​ or '​close'​.
 +===== Adding a New User =====
 +You can add users by clicking on '​New'​. Type in the new user's name. Respectively,​ you can delete selected users by clicking '​delete'​.
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