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====== StudioLine Help ====== * [[:basic:|StudioLine Photo Basic 4]] * [[:classic:|StudioLine Photo Classic 4]] * [[:pro:|StudioLine Photo Pro 4]] * [[:web:|StudioLine Web Designer 4]] ===== Online Registration ===== Register here after purchasing StudioLine. You will be notified of updates, receive complimentary web space and have access to our product support. ===== How to Reach Us ===== Visit our discussion forums 24 hours a day to trade your experiences, discuss product related issues and get answers on the product usage. We usually respond to posts within a business day: Updates, news and related products can be found on the product web site: ==== Log Files ==== In the "Help" menu, you can choose the 'Contact H&M's Customer Service' tab. This prepares an Email that contains the log files created by StudioLine on any given day. These Log files provide the details of numerous StudioLine internal functioning and steps that when analyzed, can be extremely helpful in finding the pathway to a solution. Should StudioLine not work as expected, please choose this menu item to send us an email. Please do not forget to include a description of the problem as well.

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