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====== Mots-clés ====== Keywords are used to quickly categorize images. You can easily distribute a simple attribute like "Flowers" by dragging it with your mouse to the desired image or images. Or you can also display your images sorted according to such keywords. In the "Keywords" window, images can quickly be assigned keywords or [[ratings|ratings]], then organized by those classifications or [[markers|marked for specific uses]]. The top panel inside this window displays all currently existing ratings, markers, categories, and keywords. Here you can create new groups or keywords, manage, or delete them. The lower panel displays only those keywords associated with a particular selected image or group of images. The content of this panel thus changes accordingly with the image(s) selected. Utilizing this feature makes it effortless to pick out all images that have similar attributes. To access the Keywords bar, open the Image Archive to a particular album or subfolder and click on the "Keywords" tab on the right edge of the screen. Alternatively you get there via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K. The Keywords pane opens along the right edge of the screen, just like the [[descriptors|descriptors pane]]. ===== Assignation et création des mots-clés ===== {{page>fr:classic:keywords#assignation_et_création_des_mots-clés}} ===== Organisation des mots-clés ===== {{page>fr:classic:keywords#organisation_des_mots-clés}} ===== Afficher les images par mots-clés ===== {{page>fr:classic:keywords#Afficher_les_images_par_mots-clés}} ===== Retirer les mots-clés ===== {{page>fr:classic:keywords#retirer_les_mots-clés}} ===== Supprimer les mots-clés ===== {{page>fr:classic:keywords#supprimer_les_mots-clés}} ===== Modifier les mots-clés ===== {{page>fr:classic:keywords#modifier_les_mots-clés}} ===== Exporter les mots-clés ===== {{page>fr:classic:keywords#exporter_les_mots-clés}}

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