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-Supported File Formats+====== ​Supported File Formats ​======
 StudioLine supports the following file formats: StudioLine supports the following file formats:
-Images:+=== Images: ​===
 .arw .bay .bmp .bmq .crw .cs1 .cr2 .dcr .dng .fff .gif .heic .heif .jpc .jpe .jpf .jpg .jp2 .j2k .mrw .nef .nrw .orf .pcd .pef .pgm .pnm .ppm .psd .pspimage .raf .ras .raw .rdc .rw2 .srf .tiff .webp .x3f .arw .bay .bmp .bmq .crw .cs1 .cr2 .dcr .dng .fff .gif .heic .heif .jpc .jpe .jpf .jpg .jp2 .j2k .mrw .nef .nrw .orf .pcd .pef .pgm .pnm .ppm .psd .pspimage .raf .ras .raw .rdc .rw2 .srf .tiff .webp .x3f
-Videos: +For RAW file formats you will find a current list of [[http://​​en/​support/​raw-support/​|compatible camera models]]. 
-For RAW file formats you will find a current list of compatible camera models ​in the “Support” section of the StudioLine website.+ 
 +=== Videos: === 
 +.asf .avi .flv .m2ts .m4v .mov .mp4 .mpe .mpeg .mpg .mts .ogv .ts .webm .wmv .3gp
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