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 {{page>​basic:​export}} {{page>​basic:​export}}
 +===== CD/DVD Burning =====
 +**Save** - Put your best quick shots on CD/DVD for maximum safety. Should it be necessary, StudioLine inquires whether the subfolders should be saved as well. 
 +**Offload Folders to CD/DVD** - After a while, it may not be necessary for you to have regular access to images in certain folders, the function '​Offload Folders'​ allows you to move the large original copies of all the images in a folder onto a CD or DVD. When the offloading is successful, the files on the disk are deleted, thereby saving valuable space. ​
 +**Export Folder to CD/DVD** - Writes the images of a current folder into the most useful file format onto a CD or DVD. 
 +Note: Clicking on "close window"​ will stop the burn process. ​
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