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 ===== Opening an Existing Gallery ===== ===== Opening an Existing Gallery =====
-Click on “Web” on the Main Tool Bar to open the most recently used web gallery.+Click on “Web” on the Main Tool Bar to open the most recently used web gallery. You may also click “StudioLine Explorer – Pages” in the "​File"​ menu. This will open an Explorer panel showing all available web galleries. Rightclick on a web gallery icon and select “Open Page”. 
 +===== Renaming a Web Gallery ===== 
 +To rename a web gallery, navigate to it in the Navigation pane, ensure that you have clicked on '​Sites'​ at the bottom of the Navigation pane to be in the correct mode. Then right-click on the name and choose Rename. The name field becomes active and you can type in the new name. 
 +StudioLine will ask you if you want to replace the URL of the web gallery with the new name. Depending on your preferences,​ click '​yes'​ or '​no'​. 
 +===== Deleting a Web Gallery ===== 
 +Navigate to the web gallery in the Navigation panel, ensuring you are in the Sites mode. Right-click and choose “Delete” from the context menu. You can also drag the gallery to the recycle bin.
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