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StudioLine Digital Asset Management

Through the StudioLine add-on module, Digital Asset Management, you can manage almost any video or file format in your archive. If you purchase the add-on module DigitalXpress, the Digital Asset Management is included.

Similar to images, you can describe and assign values to your data formats through the StudioLine Asset Manager. The media are stored in the StudioLine database. Depending on your copy settings, copies or an alias of the original file is created. The files can be searched through the usual StudioLine 'search' function. The archived data can be easily retrieved from StudioLine through a double-click for use in an external program. The existing image Export- and Backup functions (for example of Backup on DVD) are also supported for the Asset Manager file types.

Through the convenient 'StudioLine Asset Manager' window you can specify which file formats can be archived as digital assets. You identify the format through its extension.

StudioLine users who have purchased the DigitalXpress module can use the StudioLine Asset Manager to exchange a file of any format through DigitalXpress or other FTP-server.

In the left-hand panel of the StudioLine Asset Manager window, is a list of the file formats you have specifically included. Standard file formats like jpeg and tiff don't need to added.

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