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 ===== Shortcuts for the Text Editor ===== ===== Shortcuts for the Text Editor =====
- +^Del|Deletes a character to the right of the cursor.| 
 +^Ctrl + Del|Deletes a word to the right of the cursor.| 
 +^Backspace|Deletes previous character.| 
 +^Ctrl + Backspace|Deletes a word to the left of the cursor.| 
 +^Ins|Toggles between Insert and Overwrite mode.| 
 +^Home|Beginning of line.| 
 +^End|End of line.| 
 +^Ctrl + Arrow Up|Beginning of paragraph.| 
 +^Ctrl + Arrow Down|Beginning of next paragraph.| 
 +^Ctrl + Home|Beginning of first paragraph.| 
 +^Ctrl + End|End of last paragraph.| 
 +^Ctrl + Left|Beginning of previous word.| 
 +^Ctrl + Right|Beginning of next word.| 
 +^Shift + Arrow keys|Moves the cursor to the appropriate position and selects any text in between.| 
 +^Ctrl + B|Bold.| 
 +^Ctrl + I|Italics.| 
 +^Ctrl + U|Underlined.| 
 +^Ctrl + J|Splits the current text object into two at the cursor position, or joins multiple selected text objects into one.| 
 +^Ctrl + Shift + A|Toggle case between three states: lowercase, Title Case, all caps.| 
 +^Ctrl + Shift + V|Pastes the content of the system clipboard without any text formats (Paste plain text).| 
 +^Ctrl + Click or Double-Click|Selects the word the text cursor is on. Drag the mouse on the last click to select additional words.| 
 +^Shift + Click|Selects text block between position of text cursor and position of mouse pointer. Drag the mouse to change the text block.| 
 +^Shift + Ctrl + Click|Selects text block starting from the full word at the text cursor position up to and including the word at the position of the mouse pointer.| 
 +^Triple-Click|Selects entire paragraph. Drag the mouse on the last click to select additional paragraphs.|
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