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Product Activation Code

StudioLine will prompt for a product activation code during the initial startup. The location of the Product Activation Code will differ, depending on how you purchased StudioLine.

Customers Who Purchased the CD Version

If you purchased StudioLine as a CD in a DVD-case, you will find the Product Activation Code printed on a card located together with the CD inside the case. Do not lose this code; you will need it whenever you install StudioLine in the future.

Customers Who Downloaded From the Internet

In case you downloaded the software from the internet or received the activation key for the demo version, you will have received the product activation code per email. Print this email and keep it in a safe place for future reference. You will need it whenever you install StudioLine in the future.

How Do I Find the Activation Code Inside the Program?

Once you have successfully installed and activated StudioLine, the product activation key will be found under “About StudioLine” in the “Help” menu.

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