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 ===== Entering the Activation Code ===== ===== Entering the Activation Code =====
-For StudioLine Photo Pro 4, you may have purchased the product activation code, but also supplementary license codes to enable additional workstations or features.  +For StudioLine Photo Pro 4, you would purchase your product activation code, but may also purchase ​supplementary license codes that enable additional workstations or features.  
-You can enter the product activation code during the server installation of the software, ​when prompted on the “Welcome” screen. Alternatively, start the software on the server, choose ​ Help | Product Activation ​from the menu, and enter the product activation code at that time+To centrally activate ​the product, start the software on the server and enter your product activation code when so prompted on the “Welcome” screen. Alternatively ​you may use the menu option ​ Help | Product Activation ​ later in the session
-Once the product ​has been successfully activated, you can use Help | Product Activation on the server instanceto also enter any supplementary license codes. +Once the product ​was successfully activated, you can use Help | Product Activation on the server instance to enter any supplementary license codes as well
-As long as you used the server instance of StudioLine Photo Pro to centrally activate the software, and any additional workstation and feature licenses, you should ​not need to repeat the process on the individual ​workstations.+As long as you had entered all activation and license codes on the server instance of StudioLine Photo Pro, you do not need to repeat the process on each individual ​workstation. 
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