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 ====== Previewing Web Galleries ====== ====== Previewing Web Galleries ======
 +To preview and test a web gallery to see how it will appear in a web browser, select “Render” from the "​Publish"​ Main Toolbar Bar icon.
 +StudioLine will generate the necessary HTML documents. This process may take a few moments depending on the number and size of images. A message box will advise you when the web gallery has been rendered. Choose “…browse a preview of the rendered page(s)” to open the gallery in your computer’s default web browser.
 +Verify that the appearance of the pages meets your expectations and test the links from the index page, as well as the navigation between the individual image view pages. If necessary, close the browser and make adjustments in the StudioLine Page Editor. For another preview, click “Preview” once again. StudioLine will reopen the browser once the updated web gallery has been rendered.
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